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The first supplement I began with Dr. Pearce was Allerplex about 2 years ago. My allergies would kick in August through October and March through May. I would have itchy eyes, itchy throat with sinus pressure. I have tried all the routine drugs such as Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec as well as Rhinaquort with limited success. Since I began taking Allerplex daily, I no longer have to take any other drugs. I then started taking Catelyn and Organically Bound Minerals as my multivitamins because I was not feeling well and thought I just needed a multivitamin.
Last April, I physically started going downhill. I was having daily migraines, insomnia, no energy, extreme fatigue, and pain shooting through my arms into my hands which made me believe I was experiencing the beginnings of carpel tunnel syndrome. Dr. Pearce convinced me to go through the 21-day cleansing program which I started in June. Because I went through the program I have found that I am lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive which has changed what I eat. I also learned that I had severe B-12 and Vitamin D deficiencies which explains the symptoms I was experiencing for several years. I have since recovered from the deficiencies. I also worked with Dr. Pearce to determine what my body needed in order to restore balance. Dr. Pearce has me on a daily regime of supplements and I can testify that I feel better then I have in years. All the symptoms I experienced a year ago are gone. I do not have carpel tunnel syndrome, I no longer take blood pressure medicine and I take very little thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. As I look back, I realize how sick and unhealthy I was and how it negatively affected my daily living. I am glad I took the steps to work with Dr. Pearce and make my wellness a priority. It makes a huge difference in how I am able to experience life.